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About Lędziny

Lędziny municipality belongs to bieruńsko-lędziński poviat, which is a part of Silesian voivodeship. The area of municipality coincides with administrative borders of Lędziny town, which consists of geodetic areas, popularly called districts: Lędziny, Hołdunów, Goławiec, Smardzowice and Górki. Lędziny covers the area of 3104 hectares and there are no dense buildings - between particular districts fields, forests and industrial areas stretches out. Farmlands constitute 60% of this area, from which 36% constitute arable lands , 18%-meadows, 5% -pasturages, and 1%-orchards. Forests cover only 15%, and other lands and wastelands constitute 25% of the whole area of the municipality.
Lędziny is a dynamically developing municipality due to the openness to investment into all activities such as economic, educational, cultural, recreational and sports activities. Among 77 industrial plants, hard coal mine "Ziemowit" plays the most important role, it employs the biggest number of municipality inhabitants. As time goes by the proportion of people employed in mining industry changes to the benefit of economic activities conducted on one's own account.
In recent years on the area of the municipality the net of high-production arable farms has developed, and at present there are 78 of them. The biggest arable farms, whose owners earn their living only as farmers, are located mainly in Lędziny and Górki area. Smaller arable farms, cover the lands smaller than 5hectares, and are located on Goławiec and Hołdunów area. In the structure of sowing in Lędziny crops dominate but root crops (potatoes, sugar beets), papilionaceous plants and legumes are also grown. People breed beef cattle and dairy cattle, pigs and sheep. On account of soil pollution, specialised branches of agricultural production such as mushroom growing, greenhouse and plastic tunnel gardening, poultry and animals farming are being developed.
In Lędziny we may distinguish three basic types of buildings: modern - blocks of flats, individual- single-family housing and in some districts - agricultural. Characteristic element of architectural landscape is the estate of about 600 Finnish houses, built by the end of 1953. Land development plan, sketching the town development by the year 2005, provides for conversion and modernization of existing buildings, development of single-family housing and multi-family housing and also intensification of recreation building on the lands situated to the north of existing transit road.
In the municipality there are 2 nursery schools, 3 primary schools, 3 secondary schools, grammar school, technical college, vocational school. The medical care functions in two sectors: public and private, offering the inhabitants specialised services of basic medical care with diagnostics and rehabilitation. The activity of the health service institutions is supplemented with 8 chemists.
Varied lie of the land, significant area of forests and existing recreation and holiday centers cause that the municipality has many tourist advantages. Tourist trails such as: " Krawedziowy Trail GOP" from the West to the East, "Jan Kudera Trail" from Błędów through Goławiec and Górki to Bieruń Stary and "Hołdunowski Trail" leading from Ławki through Hołdunów in the direction of Imielin also run through the area of the municipality. Summer recreational and sport center "Nad Zalewen" enables the inhabitants of Lędziny to spend their free time actively at the outdoor swimming pool, bathing beach and tennis courts. Indoor swimming pool with jacuzzi and sauna, which is the integral part of "Centrum" sport conter built in 1999, serves similar purpose. In the town there are many cultural and sports events, some of them such as ballroom dance contest and bridge tournament are of the all-Poland scale and even international scale. There are also many cultural associations and organizations and artistic groups which operate actively.

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